The Contingent wants to portray the 11th century in the most authentic way possible, while keeping it at an achievable level for all it’s members. To achieve this, the Contingent has created different guides for all the aspects of reenactment. These so-called kit guides can be viewed and downloaded below.
The first guide is a base for all other instructions. It can therefor be supplemented by other, more specific guides. If contradicting information is found in any of the source material, the base-guide should always be regarded first. All guides should be read and be followed, if possible.
It is important to opt for simpler options, if certain pieces of clothing, which would be fitting for your social standing in the Contingent, are not accessible to you.
E.g.: One should rather use white or natural fabrics, than textiles colored in dark blue, red or purple, since these are reserved for those of higher standing.

Please note that these guides are in German. Nevertheless the pictures may be helpful.
We are working hard to translate these texts into English!

These guides must be followed by all members! 
Short-range weapons
Long-distance weapons
Clothing instructions, Social Standing
Reenactment Rules