Staff and Officers

Our staff, officers and commanders

The Commanders

Eustache Comte de Boulogne
First Commander

Comes Sizzo
Comte de Combat – First Commander of the troups
Keeper of the seal

The Officers

The Contingent is divided into six units, called pennons. Those are regional and ensure that communication and training can take place effortlessly all year round.

Head of the infantry – 1st Pennon
(Region North Rhine-Westphalia )

Head of the infantry – 2nd Pennon
(Region North East Germany and Berlin)

Heinrich de Saint-Léger-aux-Bois
Lieutenant Infanterie – III. Pennon
(Region Hessia, Baden, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate)

Martin Wandersleb
Head of the infantry – 4th Pennon
(Region Thuringia, Saxony)

Head of the infantry – 5th Pennon
(Region Netherlands and western foreign countries)

Head of the infantry – VI. Pennon
(Region Bavaria, Württemberg, Hohenzollern)

Head of the cavalry

Marchéal du Cortège
contact for all those, who are not part of the infantry/cavalry

Comtesse Cutani
Maîtresse de Cuisine
Deputy of the Marchéal du Cortége

Head of the archers