The Contingent portrays a military unit of the 11th century in the most authentic way possible. The focus lies on Norman, Salian and Franco-Flemish culture of the time. But not only military reenactment is important to us: We also show a wide variety of authentic crafts, trade and baggage/camp life. This makes the Contingent unique not only in size, but in quality as well.

The Structure

A set structure is essential for the functioning of any military unit and therefore for the Contingent. To ensure smooth procedures the FFC is commanded by a set of staff members, the Cadre. The staff takes on logistic business during and in between each event. Even though, individual freedom should not be restricted more than needed, these rules must always be followed by all members:

1. accepting the hierarchy of the FFC as a military unit
2. the kit-guides must be followed
3. the Marsfeld (training weekend in the beginning of the year) is obligatory to attend annually
4. certain specifications within one’s own social standing are also obligatory
5. a fee of 12€ is due each year

Our Commanders

The historical Eustache (II) de Boulogne was a descendant of Carl the Great and he was count of Boulogne, Bouillon, Lens and Gent.

During the battle of Hastings, he commanded the non-norman part of William’s army, which consisted mostly of Flemish and Franks. Him, Hugh of Ponthieu and Giffard could reach Harold during the battle and eventually the Eustache killed him by chopping his head off. (1) Gerald Uhl de Canehan, also known as “Uhl”, who has been quartermaster of the Contingent for years, was elected as commander of the FFC. In 2016, he earned the honorary title of Comte de Boulogne, which was awarded to him by the House of Orléans through Henri Pierre Marie d’Orléans and Robert Comte d’Eu. Additionally, he is Chairman of Der Uhl zu Wilhaim, historischer n.e.V, which is a recognized, nonprofit club. He is also a trainer at HEMA and a member of EXAR.

(1) Guy de Amiens,  Carmen de Hastingae Proelio

Comes Sizzo is a fictional character, based on the counts of Schwarzburg (Thuringia). Three of the same name are documented in history. The last of his name was Sizzo III, who later became founder of the House Kevernburg-Schwarzburg. A statue of him is located in the Naumburg Cathedral.

Maik Elliger oversees all military issues of the FFC and commands the troops. He has been an active reenactor since 1997, is the chairman of the Thüringer Ritterbund and a member of the German Ritterkonvent. In 2004, he was elected a Lieutenant within the Contingent. As a retired soldier and a martial artist he is especially qualified for his position.


The Contingent offers it’s members at least one event per year (although usually a lot more), a penal for discussion and information, as well as help, contacts, training and guides to make the reenactment experience enjoyable.

The FFC is supporter and signatory of the Aachener Erklärung. Hence, we avow to religious neutrality. We are more than happy to welcome all new recruits!

Vive la Normandie!